It almost goes without saying that this sector offers a number of opportunities that will enjoy overseas donor funding.

Opportunities include:
Rehabilitation of dams, water and sewerage plants (holding and dosing tanks, valves, actuators, control systems, piping and cctv inspection, chemicals )
Rehabilitation of rural water supply and sanitation (incl. water loss management systems).
Water distribution systems 
Treatment of effluent and waste water incl purification equipment
Site camp water purification systems
Billing and collection system including replacement of non-functional meters and
Installation for new connections 

Major water projects are envisaged by the national authorities. For example that of the 4-year Dande Dam & Tunnel construction project where the initial estimates for the annual requirements for the project are as follows Year 1 US$25.4 million Year 2 US$24 million Year 3 US$24 million Year 4 US$15 million. Also the Shavi Dam project at an estimated US$ 9 million. Also works at the Glassblock dam, Nyatana dam, Kudu dam, Easborne dam, Mirror dam, Lubongo dam, Aberfoyle dam and Chitse dam amongst others. On 24th April 2018 Zimbabwe invited investors to construct 50 dams for the generation of hydroelectricity under the Build Operate and Transfer arrangement.

Water pipes - on 28th March 2018 Local Government Minister July Moyo disclosed that more than 5,000km of Harare’s water pipes were obsolete, causing the city to lose about 60% of its treated water through leakages. In November last year already it was reported that it was being considered to build a 250km pipeline from Kariba to Harare city instead of the US$600 cost of building two dams.