The cost basis for our trips are straight forward and we have been told on numerous occassions that has been a feature of us taking so many past clients to Africa 

From the outset - there are no commissions charged by us. Only a one-off service fee of R16,000.00 (per trip of course!) for setting up the business visit logistics + setting up the meetings accompanying you. 

Other costs: The other costs are exactly that, at cost to you! So whilst we arrange the hotel booking, flight booking, transfers etc those are directly payable, by you, to the service providers, we add no commission whatsoever to that - if you find we do, we will gladly pay your entire bar bill on the trip!. If you want to arrange the flights and accommodation through your own office, by all means please do. Indicative flight costs would be R6,000 for the return economy class air ticket from Johannesburg or R7,000 return ex Cape Town + 3 nights hotel accommodation @ R1,400pn in Harare + taxi costs of US$95 + US$45 per dinner. 

Objectively (we know from the experiences of companies that have unsuccessfully tried it themselves and thereafter become our clients) you could possibly after much research and work set up a similar trip yourself,  but certainly not with the standard of meetings and exposure you will get with us - and what would you save, well you wouldnt actually? Thats because all your other costs are as mentioned, without any commission.

And of course, included in the above is that, as previously mentioned, we set up a programme of meetings for you and we accompany you. What we don't do is sit in on the private business meetings that we set up for you (unless its a specific appointment for a company). We take the view that your business is your business and what deals are done are confidential to you.

Next visit:  We are watching Covid-19 developments (as they change daily) and, tentatively, this stage the next visit will be in August 2020.  

Zimbabwe is NOT a luxury (or near luxury) commodity market. Think basics essentials - services and products in the health,water, agriculture and food services.

Because we, as a principle, don't take companies in the same group that compete in exactly the same market sectors, we would envisage this group consisting of:

  • Agribusiness/Agri-processing company;
  • Healthcare sector companies (servicing different markets) i.e. providing medical consumables (biopsy, swabs, dressings, needles, masks etc)  AND/OR  hospital refrigeration equipment (vaccine and blood bank freezers/carriers AND/OR hospital equipment (beds & bedding, trolleys, hospital/cubicle equipment) AND/OR a laboratory equipment supplier; 
  • Renewable Energy company, quite likely solar focussed;
  • Water Services company i.e.  water storage, waste water solutions, effluent filtration;
  • Water Sector equipment provider i.e. pumps, piping, valves, actuators;
  • Company allied to the construction sector i.e. precast flooring, scaffolding, lighting, air-con;
 To set up the programme of meetings for individual companies we would require to have confirmation preferably by mid July 2020 of your interest. Please drop us an email on the Contact Form page  and we will get back to you soonest