In 2002 Peter Henstock literally had a "eureka-moment" when upon the assassination of Jonas Savimbi, Peter realised that Angola would soon open its doors to business. Literally within two months, the first of many subsequent groups of South African business people were joining Peter on his organised visits to Angola, meeting with Government, local businesses, potential partners, agents and distributors. 

From that developed more and more African startegic business development visits, each time moving onto "new" territories as they opened their doors to business. To date literally hundreds (300+ at last count) of South African business people, all looking to expand their Africa business footprint, have joined Peter to Angola, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. 

So what do we offer in our quest of Introducing Zimbabwe Business? 

We set up the logistics as well as a programme of introduction meetings with potential customers, agents, strategic partners and other alliance individuals that will create business sales / business development opportunities for you.  We advise you on what developments are happening in the target market and we offer strategic advice. And we accompany the group.

We emphasise that whilst certain introductory meetings are common to all the members of the group, we will set up meetings for you specifically for your own business sector. Group size varies between 3-6 (maximum) persons. We find that to be the optimum group size as any larger and they tend to become "political" with government agencies wanting to take up our valuable time with non-business meetings. 

The success of our organised African business visits is without a doubt due to our well researched and well prepared programmes of meetings for the group, backed by our own insight into potential business opportunities and how to realise those opportunities - and no less a consideration is the cost-effectiveness of our trips.

Past clients: Its true that in business, value is measured in terms of the success of one's last project, sale or deal, but at the same time a look back at previous clients is an objective indicator of added-value expectations. Our past clients that have accompanied us on business trips into Africa include: AEA Technology, Berfin, A Hak Industrial Services, Barloworld, Belmet, Brooke-Patrick Publications, BRP Road Products, BTR Flow, Cascade Stainless, Clearedge Projects, Comtest, Container World, Craig Energy Services, Cycad Construction, Dickinson, Endress, Envirotech, ESOR, Fastfloor, Gammatec, GISWA, Hi-Force, Hyflo, Kwikspace Modular Buildings, LAS Cool, Liquid Auto Systems, Losberger Inter-Tent, MCS, Minus 40, Much Asphalt, NJR Steel, Osborn Engineered Products, Pall, Parmalat, Pertec, Petzetakis, Plastamid, Premier Valves, Robor Pipe System, Rocla, Rotork, RJ Southey, Scaw Metals, Solarworld, Southern Mapping Company, Sulzer, Sunpride, Tank Industries, Thermax Infrared, TMS-Shezi, Turborep, Vital Engineering, Weir-Envirotech and Zhauns. As will be seen, the business sectors represented have been very varied, from food services to construction, energy and water services, valves, steel, temorary structures etc.

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